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And while these statistics are good if you’re just curious, they’re also very telling of what the future of the internet and tech are. At this rate, the shift to cloud computing is one of the most important tech trends and is defining of our era. Check out even more Cloud Computing Facts for 2016and 2017 Cloud Computing Facts. If you’re thinking about leveraging cloud-based business resources but don’t know where to start, give us a call. Our experts can talk through cloud strategies and project roadmaps, during a free consultation.

This makes personal computers, for example, able to borrow extra memory from the hard disk through the use of virtual memory. By the turn of the 21st century, cloud computing solutions cloud computing security had started to appear on the market, though most of the focus at this time was on Software as a service. At the moment, Amazon Web Services is by far the biggest cloud provider.

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The biggest storage vendor still dominates the market, but if this alarming trend continues, they will soon face fierce competition. AWS was one of the first cloud networking companies, launched back in 2006. To this day it still dominates the market with a 33% share.

Is Gmail is a cloud computing?

The three primary types of cloud computing are IaaS, PaaS and SaaS – infrastructure, platform and software as a service, respectively. A simple example of SaaS is an online email service, like Gmail.

Usually, enterprises run a more significant part of their workloads in a private cloud (46%) and a smaller portion (33%) in the public cloud. According to cloud computing growth stats, the industry will grow at a CAGR of 18%. The US is the most significant public cloud market with projected spending of $124.6 billion in 2019.

The Evolution Of Retail Technology Solutions In 2021 And Beyond

If you don’t get good answers, it is probably time to find another partner. The smartest thing you can do is align your organization with a trusted partner to help you make the switch to the cloud. Switching from in-house IT infrastructure to remote servers provided by third-party cloud platforms allows business to make potentially significant cost savings.

Additionally, imagine what would you do if such kind of failure happened in your data-center? With cloud you can have a mirror setup in another region or even in another vendor’s cloud. It is hard to do have the same within your own data-center. facts about cloud computing Cloud is still something new and unknown for lots of people. People are usually scared by new things and cloud is not an exception in this case. We are going to review most common fears about the cloud and determine whether they are real or not.

Cloud computing describes the use of networks of remote servers – usually accessed over the Internet – to store, manage, and process data. As a segment of IT services, cloud computing generates more than 300 billion U.S. dollars in revenue in 2020 and is showing very few signs of slowing offshore software development company down. According to all the available data, somewhere around 90% of businesses use public cloud technology. On the other hand, fewer companies (75%) are on a private cloud. One of the Rightscale report highlights was that many companies prioritized public cloud services — 38% to be exact.

Even Against A Natural Disaster, Your Data Is Safe In The Cloud

This is due in large part to the introduction of widespread mobile banking services in 2013. Additionally, the rise of crowdfunding services and money management services like PayPal have grown, driving the act of paying virtually for goods through the roof. With the rising popularity of virtual currencies like Bitcoin, this trend of cloud computing for banking is only projected to continue. Small to medium businesses, on the other hand, prefer to use a public cloud (43%), instead of arguably more expensive private solutions (35%).

Because of this, cloud computing is often thought of as an insurance policy should a computer break down or suffer a catastrophic hard drive failure. The Cloud offers the ability to control access as well as grant access to key employees and is much facts about cloud computing less expensive to maintain that traditional on-premise server based solutions. PC Miracles has both private based storage services and public storage services, and offers a hybrid approach to distribution of the technology for your business.

Astonishing Cloud Computing Statistics For 2020 (editors Choice):

Their predictions on the former have estimated that it will amount to about $172.1 billion by 2021. Looking down the list of jobs, you can see the wealth of opportunities those specific skills unlock. Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud strategies combine technologies from the public and private cloud model. 74% of enterprises believe they are taking the best of both worlds and define their strategy as hybrid or multi-cloud. A more promising share of companies (53%) admit they have slight control over crucial business data. Still, the need for optimized file storage and sharing solutions is quite apparent.

What are disadvantages of cloud computing?

Disadvantages of cloud computing that has less security can cause data leak to public. Law firms will also potentially get losses when using cloud computing if a problem occurs. This is because law firm cloud computing is at risk in security and the flexibility of work will hinder the performance of law firms.

The companies estimate 27% of their cloud computing budget went to waste in 2019 due to poor management. 75% of IT experts find managing privacy and data protection in a cloud environment to be more complicated than on premises. With more and more corporate data being ios vs android development stored in the cloud (43% in 2017), this poses a security risk. Nearly two-thirds of organizations see security as the biggest challenge for cloud adoption. That’s why 42% of them say providing access to data anytime, anywhere, is the main driver for cloud adoption.


If you want to offer the public space on your servers, choose a public solution, or a hybrid of multiple types. If you aren’t ready to switch all of your storage and processes to the cloud, you can use cloud applications to gain some of the benefits, like Office 365. Once cloud services became mainstream, more than 90% of companies began using some kind of cloud computing service. Most of these companies that used cloud computing employed either hybrid options or multi-clouds. However, some experienced users are looking into moving away from hybrid cloud options. The solution would be investing in public and private cloud computing services.

Business owners in the process of switching to cloud computing often believe Private Clouds are more secure. However, cloud computing facts show us that Public Clouds often provide additional layers of protection. Private Clouds lack these extra levels of protection. Making the switch to a secure file sharing service is a simple yet effective way companies can prevent brand-crushing data leaks.


UK government spending on the transition to cloud has more than doubled since 2014. According to Gartner’s report, the public services’ share is supposed to attain a $331.2 billion revenue by 2022, up from $182.4 billion in 2018. 77% of enterprises had at least one application or a portion of it in the cloud in 2018. 84% of IT professionals were worried about cloud security during the work-from-home shift in 2020. Now, let’s get some fundamental cloud computing facts out of the way.

  • This resulted in $246.8 billion in revenue worldwide in 2017 — a significant increase from $209.2 billion in 2016.
  • All of this sounds good, but there are things to be considered in your decision making process.
  • 80% of enterprises use Amazon Web Services as their primary cloud platform.
  • Such benefits include being able to ensure adequate software support and management services, networking, storage, testing, and collaborations.
  • Many more companies also use the cloud, but these are some of the most prominent users.
  • If you don’t make some extraordinary efforts to secure your data center from unauthorized access, you have the same security as in the cloud.
  • All company, product and service names used in this website are for identification purposes only.

Without virtualization, cloud computing might be a scam. Virtualization has to do with apportioning single physical servers to multiple logical servers. As soon as the physical server is divided, each valid server can then act like a physical server, running independent operating system and applications.

The Cloud Computing Market Is Projected To Reach $106 Billion By 2016

This shows the cloud computing is becoming more popular and the companies as well as government are realizing their important as well as tight security for data protection. To put it simply – cloud computing is the act of using an interconnected network of Internet-hosted remote servers to manage, store and process data. In cloud computing, data is accessed over the Internet rather than through a computer’s hard drive.

This infographic will help you understand that cloud is the future of IT industry and if chosen with a right provider as well as right plan it can bring some success to the business. It can be your best chosen day to day problem solver which will increase productivity in the long run. Making sure data is secure software development agency on local devices and only transmitted to the cloud on secure networks is crucial. Additionally, employees should be properly trained on safe cloud practices and data access should be limited as needed. Knowing the different types of clouds can help you choose the proper online storage solution for your company.

We got you covered with all the essential stats currently available, so keep reading. You can access it and bring it back down whenever you want to. People fondly remember the good old days of storing data on hard drives and flash devices. Currently, there are over 13,000,000 servers scattered across the world, and Amazon AWS accounts for almost half of them. Enterprise investments in IT infrastructure will undoubtedly help the sector to grow exponentially.

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