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If the regression test cases are automated, much time won’t be lost even if all the test cases were executed. Thus, in such a scenario, how much regression testing does not need to be thought about. Regression Testing could be automated or could be performed manually depending on what processes are adopted by an organization for a product. If automated, the regression testing will necessarily be performing the same steps again and again.

This view is especially helpful when performing regression testing as part of system testing or user acceptance testing. Another point of confusion is to equate regression tests with build verification tests , smoke tests, and/or continuous integration tests. Build verification tests, closely related to CI tests are intended to verify the integrity of a build, not to verify or validate functionality to the level of a regression test. cloud deployment models The goal is to know if a change has “broken the build.” A smoke test is a very basic test, or set of tests, intended to show that things work at a very initial level. The aim of regression testing is to make sure that fixes, additions or improvements of the code haven’t caused new errors, and the reported errors do not appear any more. It is carried out numerous times during all the phases of a software development life cycle.

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Automated test cases should be easy to execute, easy to maintain and any failures should be reported properly and on time. Investing in a tool that is easy to learn and does not require you to invest in infrastructure takes care of 2 areas for you. In addition, if it also makes test case creation simpler and easier, then it further reduces your investment cost and enables returns faster. To make sure that you get a return on investment you make into test automation you need to be aware of all the costs and then decide on the tool.

What is the difference between regression testing and smoke testing?

Smoke testing checks if the software build is stable and can be used by the QA team for further testing. Regression testing checks for any small changes in the code and whether any other existing functionalities are affected due to the newly developed code.

A software tester assumes the role of a user and tests randomly. Because there is always some problem or another, it is important to perform random testing. While learning the software version’s new features, design new tests for them, and execute them. After the product release, Test Engineers have to check problem areas once again. Many times this can be a challenge, especially when it comes to executing manual testing.

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As software features are released at record pace, new updates are useless if they break other program features. Companies must make sure their software is performing at peak potential with every single update they release. These types of testing are typically performed when an application goes global. Localization testing verifies that the application behaves according to cultural norms accepted in the target region and correctly displays information in supported languages. Internationalization testing verifies that the application works correctly regardless of the region, language or cultural specifics.

  • SeeTest – A mobile automation tool that supports image-based as well as object-based recognition.
  • This type of testing checks how easy it is to use the product across various hardware and/or operation systems.
  • If regression testing is decided to be automated, automation of only those test cases that are stable and passing should be targeted.
  • A company has to weigh the pros and cons between how much to test and what features to keep while still maximizing potential sales.
  • In this case, they will be helpful in detecting bugs across different systems when putting two systems together.

There are some challenges in performing regression testing, even though it plays a crucial role in the QA process. Partial Regression Testing means when regression testing is done on a module where the change in the code is related to that particular module and there wont be any change impact on other modules. As your team develops and tests, you’ll be constantly learning and adapting, so it’s only natural that your test suite will too. It’s crucial, however, that the tool you use to set up your tests in provides a good overview and is simple to edit. Once you’ve considered these elements, you can set up the regression suite and schedule your regression tests.

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why do we need to perform regression testing when a bug-free software can never be ready? The solution to this situation is to evaluate the scenarios to be tested and assess the risk and/or criticality of the scenario. Assessing risk and/or criticality at the scenario level allows you to focus on the larger functional tasks as opposed to smaller functions.

A comprehensive regression testing is essential and should be carried out and it should cover all the critical conditions. This sort of final regression testing should be taken up to certify that the functionality has not been altered and affected due to new code changes. This testing proves gives a green social network development signal by the testers to move the code to production. Essentially, a regression pack is a collection of test cases that are executed with new software update for every feature. This regression pack consists of test cases that have been written and drafted using the requirement specifications document.


In theory, automated regression testing tools are fantastic because they free up your team to focus on more important functions. Over the years, the role of test automation engineer continuous delivery maturity model has become more popular alongside tools for various web applications. Ultimately, your automated regression testing will only be as good as your regression test scripts.

Today’s businesses need quality software that is bound to deliver great customer experience and at the same time they need shorter release cycles. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure high-quality products that effectively meet the customer expectations which is achieved by leveraging software testing right from the stage of product development. Adopting Programming Outsourcing effective regression testing in agile and DevOps practices ensures to deliver quality products to the market on time as all features are tested end-to-end to ensure quality product. Sometimes within the agile software development process, developers revise the existing functionality and exclude/edit some features based on the requirements.

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With dedicated regression testing tools, automated testing has become much easier, quicker, and cost-effective. QA experts can use functional and non-functional test cases that cover all the features receiving updates in later stages of software development process. denotes an inclusive testing methodology that helps to reveal regression in software. This approach is normally used when the development team struggles to define the number of changes made or the impact of these modifications. Complete regression testing gives a QA professional a complete snapshot of a system as a whole.

purpose of regression testing

This form of regression testing has a narrow approach and is focused on individual units of code. Regression testing can be achieved by adopting either manual regression testing or automated regression testing. This is the second phase wherein defining of the right test cases for a project should be taken up.

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The test cases that relate to customer-facing aspects and newly added functionalities are of high priority as well. Is time-based execution to test constant changes one of your priorities in testing? If so, learn how to easily manage and setup time-based tests orchestration with TestOps. Finally, identify all test components and schedule the appropriate time to execute.

People who are relatively new to the world of QA often ask what the differences are between regression testing and unit testing. It’s an easy mistake to make but there are some important reasons why the two are simply not even in the same world. One of the many benefits of regression testing in a sprint is that it can happen as soon as the latest iterations are put into the deployment flow.

Automate Your Regression Test Cases

Have the regression test suite ready and decide how much time the complete execution will take. Testsigma allows you to automate test cases in simple English. Thus, it can be easily learnt and understood by non-technical members of the team too purpose of regression testing and can help jumpstart the automation of regression testing. Testers who previously executed the functional tests for the features that need to be regression tested. When there are localized changes that don’t need complete regression testing.

purpose of regression testing

Whenever a test elicits a previously undiscovered defect, a tester should write a test case that similarly induces the bug. Take a look at the full list of services offered by Performance Lab. If you want to work with a team of experienced testers, be sure to contact us. Build purpose of regression testing verification testing – a series of small tests aimed at verifying if a build is worth fixing or the damage is irreparable. It’s always helpful for a tester to determine which cases are the most relevant for the program and focus on executing them as a first priority.

Regression testing involves the implementation of specific test cases and comparing them to previously recorded outcomes. Understandably, this procedure forms the basis of the reports used to illustrate software defects or deviation from use-cases. Many organizations verify critical functionality once and then assume it continues to work unless they intentionally modify it. However, even routine and minor code changes can have unexpected consequences that could break previously-verified functionality.

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